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Pagan Music by Witch's Mark for Sale

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Stone Soup


$10 each + shipping*


Product Description:

Rock music at its finest with a Pagan twist. From thunderous energy filled tunes to passionate sounds of wonder, the lush music and lyrics in this music will have you rocking with the Old Gods as never before.

The CD-R includes the following tracks:

  • Sabbat Nights
  • Beltain Brew
  • Pure Green Love
  • The Calling
  • Eyes of Creation
  • Samhain Song
  • What's in the Name of God?
  • Begin Again
  • Jump


About the Group

Witch’s Mark came together in early 2006. The idea was for a Pagan religious Rock band to create and perform music for the local Pagan community. We perform original music, some cover songs and parodies of popular songs converted to a Pagan theme. Most of the songs we perform are of Pagan subject matter. All of the band members are active Pagans and we are very dedicated to our beliefs & music, so we figured it would be great to combine the 2 greatest loves in our lives and voila Witch’s Mark is the offspring.

Band Members

  • Rowan - Vocals
  • Mannun - Guitars
  • Thelema - Keyboards
  • Dylan - Bass
  • Axiom - Drums

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