Start a New Charter

We're glad you're interested in being a part of our organization!

Starting a SpiralScouts Circle or Hearth is a rewarding opportunity, but is not without its challenges. If you're interested in starting a group in your area, you'll need to first register with us as a ProtoCircle.

Registering gives you the following benefits:

  • 3 months to act as organizer of your local group, using the SpiralScouts name and logo
  • Automatic inclusion in the ProtoCircles email list where forming groups can work together with the help of our Staff to organize their group and work through all the chartering details (regular participation in the list is required)
  • An official email list set up by SpiralScouts for your ProtoCircle, on Yahoo! groups. 
  • Access to order chartering materials (new forms, brochures, etc)
  • Your ProtoCircle will be listed on the SpiralScouts website
  • Members of the ProtoCircles list will be given access to initial training.

Guidelines for ProtoCircles:


  • ProtoCircles cannot open bank accounts
  • All fundraising must be approved in advance by SpiralScouts HQ.
  • Donations may be used for chartering expenses only. All donations must be sent to SpiralScouts HQ to be kept on account here for chartering expenses.
  • ProtoCircles cannot order badges or other "leaders only" items until they receive official Circle or Hearth status.
  • ProtoCircles have very limited access to handbooks. the Staff will be authorized to give information from the handbooks to answer specific questions on the ProtoCircles list, but will not give out entire handbook files
  • ProtoCircles cannot hold "scout" meetings or field trips - only organizational meetings. Parents must accompany children to meetings.
  • At the end of the three-month ProtoCircle period, if you haven't chartered, you may request an extension, which will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Any unofficial ProtoCircle, or any official ProtoCircle operating outside these guidelines (including, but not limited to unauthorized email lists, collection of money, or any other infringement of these guidelines) will lose ProtoCircle status, and may be reported to the appropriate authorities at the discretion of SpiralScouts International HQ.
  • ProtoCircles are issued a number which incorporates the date their ProtoCircle status expires. The ProtoCircle process is the only way to access the official chartering information. To charter a group, you MUST have a ProtoCircle number, and you must use the correct, carbonless forms. Please click Get Started on the left to continue.

Frequently Asked Questions on Starting a Circle or Hearth