What are SpiralScouts™ Sponsors? As with any non-profit organization, the lifeblood of SpiralScouts™ is the support of individuals, businesses, and groups involved in our program. Aside from the efforts of our volunteers, Sponsors play an important role in SpiralScouts™. We encourage Circles and Hearths to partner with a "Primary Sponsor", who can to offer meeting space, materials, and other assistance. This individual, business, or group is responsible can provide the majority of a Circle or Hearth's needs. Sponsors may donate needed supplies, time, or monetary support on a local or program-wide level, depending on their resources and goals. Donations to SpiralScouts™ SpiralScouts™ International is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so donations are generally tax deductible. You may donate through our PayPal button below. Or send check or money order to:

SpiralScouts International
PO Box 1688
Leicester, NC 28748

Frequently Asked Questions About Sponsorships

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