What is a Tribe?
All the Charters and registered Members in a particular area (a US state, for example) make up a Tribe.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Tribe?
Tribes form a council with representatives from Circles and Hearths in their respective area, be it a state, province, or country. Tribes act as a branch office for SpiralScouts International, and help coordinate activities within their boundaries, and between other Tribes.

Is there a Tribe already set up for my area?
Tribes have been named in all 50 US states and 14 Canadian provinces and territories. Currently, there is only one Tribe that has been officially organized and incorporated. Check with your Tribe's e-mail list for more info.

What is a Tribal Coordinator?
Tribal Coordinators are volunteers who act as the official point of contact for a Tribe. For the most part, they have limited roles, and must create a Tribal council with representatives from the Circles and Hearths in their Tribe before taking on larger projects.

What is required to form a Tribe?
Tribes, will need a Tribal council—see the question above about Tribal coordinators and their duties. For an officially incorporated Tribe, you will need a Tribal Coordinator, a functioning Tribal council, and at least 5 Circles and/or Hearths currently chartered in your area.

We have enough Circles and Hearths to form a Tribe—what do we do now?
Currently, the formation of more official Tribes is on hold, pending approval of our blanket 501(c)3 determination. Be prepared to provide at least three people willing to sign the incorporation paperwork, someone who is willing to use their address as the registered office for the Tribe. Standardized articles of incorporation and bylaws must be used, and any changes to them must be approved by SpiralScouts International HQ. Donna Conrad ( will be able to help you with the appropriate paperwork for your area